MO WATERFALL - Unbelievable Missouri Waterfalls 

Mu Cang Chai is a highland district of Yen Bai province, the north is contiguous to Van Ban district of Lao Cai province, the south is contiguous Muong La district of Son La province, the west is contiguous Than Uyen district of Lai Chau province, the east is contiguous Van district Chan is in the province. The district is located at the foot of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, at an altitude of 1,000 m above the sea level. Want to reach Mu Cang Chai district you must go through Khau Pha Pass - one of the four great peaks of the Northwest. Mu Cang Chai is located about 280km away from Hanoi, every ripe rice seasons, thousands of tourists from all regions of the country are welcomed and countless groups of young people plan to go out to Mu Cang Chai. There are a lot of great destinations tourists can enjoy in Mu Cang Chai, and Mo waterfall is one of Mu Cang Chai’s attractions. 

Mo waterfall is located between Na Hang A peak and Na Hang B peak in the territory of Mo De commune (Mu Cang Chai district). Falling down from the height of 3,000m, the sparkling white Mo waterfall is one of the must-see attractions in Mu Cang Chai, the beautiful cascade appears lively in the evergreen forests of the North among the colourful flowers such as red flowers of the wild banana or pink and white of the plum and apricot blossoms. 

In the journey to conquer Mo waterfall, there are 7 impressive points for you to stop and enjoy. Walking about 30 minutes from Highway 32 to the foot of the waterfall, sitting on the floating rafts, you will feel like you are lost in the realm of the fairyland. With flowing water line, white bubbles, pure water under the waterfall, blue sky above with colourful flowers in the forest. Here you will find Mo waterfall looks like a colourful picture, with pink of apricot flowers, plum blossom, the bright red of forest banana flower, clear blue of Tay Bac sky, the pure white of water from watershed, all of them will make you unforgettable. Rest for a while, you go forward to one-floor waterfall, the water flows in a spiral shape - an ideal place to enjoy the clean water and can use the flowing force of the water to massage the feet after a long walk.

To reach the 4 floors waterfall, you continue to walk on the opposite side of the Mo waterfall. The first floor of a 4 floors waterfall spreads over 30 meters, the water flows from above like diamond lines that make people fascinated by the majestic natural scenery. The second floor spreads like a small lake with white bubbles - this is the most ideal point for you to have a strong feeling if you want to let yourself release into the waterfall to relax. The third floor is tied like the shape of a funnel-shaped mouth, which makes the scene very magical, attracting people. The fourth floor is like a curtain in a magnificent palace, falling 5 meters from above. ​ 

This 4 floors waterfall is the most impressive place for you to save a unique and beautiful image when going to Mu Cang Chai. Stopping in this place, you will feel like spring rain is falling gently: the drops of water flying in front of you are due to the impact of the waterfall from high to the rocks, giving you a great feeling, all tired sense has vanished.

Before coming to a unique 4 floors waterfall, you will be resting on big, square stones spread like mats, smooth and clean. Nature here has made a place to rest for you to have a light meal during your trip. During the journey to conquer Mo waterfall, you will meet small caves that can avoid getting wet if you catch sudden highland rains. 

Come to Mo waterfall, visitors will feel the feeling of peace, fresh air, pure fragrance of the forest vaguely, all will be unforgettable moments for every time you want to come back here.

By Custom Vietnam Travel | Updated 1/5/2019

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