The peaceful scenery of a prosperous countryside

If you have a plan to visit the north of Vietnam, you must go to Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai Province) which is a rural district of Yen Bai province, in the northeast region of Vietnam, and located at the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain range, at an altitude of 1000 metres above sea level. Try to come here, you will never regret your decision. One of the secret I will let you know that Mu Cang Chai Rice terrace has been recognized as one of the unique landscapes of Vietnam, stretches across 2,200 hectares of the mountains as narrow layers of terraces ranging from between 1m and 1,5 m wide. Tu Le Commune is a quite reputation for glutinous rice, where you can soak up the hot spring and see the peaceful scenery of a prosperous countryside.

On National Highway 32 heading to Mu Cang Chai District, Tu Le is adjacent to Khau Pha Pass, under Van Chan District of Yen Bai Province. Before crossing the “horn of heaven” (Khau Pha Pass), Tu Le appeared with a scent that made many visitors stop to enjoy the picturesque scenery of Thai ethnic’s rice. 

The way to get there's also not really hard, or I can say it is quite a mood for you to travel here by motorbike or car. The hills, rice fields on both sides on the way you go on the national highway. You can spend 2-3 days here during a weekend, hide the hustle and bustle from the big city. It is exactly the best place for you to relax, deep on nature and live with friendly people here.

You can come here at any time in the year, the weather here really cool. Moreover, depending on the time you arrive here, you will have different views and different feeling. The scenery each season has a distinctly sensual, interesting and never boring. For example, when you come here during the local people preparing the water and seedlings for transplanting, you will have a chance to see the beauty of the glittery brown water with the rich soil. It is absolutely incredible. Furthermore, if it is time for sowing of paddy, you’ll have an opportunity to see the stunning view of green rice likes a carpet laying over the rice fields.  

On the other hand, if at the right time of harvest, you will see the ethnic girls wearing rice bags hustles from the market to go home or rush to plow, pick up the grass, harvest rice on their fields, and definitely you’ll be immersed in the aroma of rice because it is the harvest season, the smell of new rice will follow the wind go to every way to reach the people come here, bring the unforgettable tasty smell for visitors. Tu Le Commune represents the beauty of the Northwest Mountains “supplemented” by the abundance of fields, streams. Particularly, from the Hai Ba Chau slope, which is one of the most ideal places to see the whole scene of Tu Le village. The wooden roofs are lined up, the sea of rice is fluttering like a wave. It is not difficult to understand when it is at the gateway to Mu Cang Chai, Tu Le and La Pan Tan, and Xu Phin Dee in the yellow rice field of Yen Bai province, attracting so many tourists. Unlike other places, Tu Le lays a much closer feeling, rather than lying on hills or hunks in the valley. Also, terraced fields but comfortable and located along the highway, the beauty of Tu Le Commune as the hand raised is touching, the nose to smell is able to inhale the smell of sticky nourishment into the chest.

Another interesting thing can’t miss that is the unique “bathing” in Tu Le Commune: According to the elderly in the commune, the “baths” in hot spring have been appealed from a long time ago, no one can remember. In the past, Thai people here often had a bath in hot water to have better health. In the afternoon after coming back from work, hot water would help them feel better, remove tired and make the body stronger, especially when they go to sleep at night. Bathing in winter will be very warm while bathing in the summer is cool. “Bathing” is a special cultural space that Thai people keep here.

Khau Pha Pass road has two-thirds of the gravel road, bumpy gravel, just walking through the newly beauty Tu Le is more little slightly. During the length of the pass, it has to bend a few segment sleeve falls. On cloudy days, the pass is particularly dangerous for the driver because of the pass off without any barrier or any warning signs. Delivery Pass has deteriorated so much for not being regular repaired, easily eroded, subsidence due within basaltic soil, soft soil system. Previously there was always danger lurking regularly with stones from the mountain could fall anytime. But now, the road transport sector Pass was – transport and repair Yen Bai province, overcome, become major tourist attractions of road and road economic exchanges western region of Yen Bai. On the “Horn of Heaven”, the weather is always cool like in Sapa, in some year, also it is snowy as at Sa Pa by the altitude more than 2,000m.  

With the policy of the Party and State, the descendant of old “cloud warriors” who residing on windswept ridges, whose lives have changed increasingly prosperous; had the rich villages; rice, corn genus for the bumper; now the campus has the child been to your school. Life is renewed each day, but the people still preserve traditional culture. Khau Pha Pass conversely, you will encounter the terraces flank are beautiful as the picturesque, mountain peaks rising above the clouds thousands of majestic and friendly smile, cheerful people who live on the Horn of Heaven.

Tu Le Commune is also famous for its specialities: Tu Le sticky rice – the food makes tourists unforgettable right in the first time enjoy it. Every year, travellers and people from all over the country come to Yen Bai and then Van Chan to buy this kind of sticky rice to make glutinous rice cake, worship ancestors and treat guests in Tet holidays. Also, visitors to Tu Le Commune can enjoy dishes made from sticky rice such as rice nuggets, rice porridge duck, sticky rice rolls, rice lam … click add a cup of glutinous rice in the ” “The young ladies in the area or the warm flutter are more penetrating than the soul of Thailand and the deep meaning of the song: “Mường Lò gạo trắng nước trong Ai đi đến đó lòng không muốn về” The lyrics of this song describe Muong Lo’s attraction: white rice, pure water. They make anyone who visits Muong Lo doesn’t want to leave.

Tu Le Commune can be compared to a beautiful mountain girl. The beauty from the three-tiered slope where the region’s boundaries begin, the sky is cluttered with cliffs, wild mountains and mysterious pride. It has the beauty of the piece of lonely land on the rocky slope, the small wooden houses hidden in the middle of the sky. Visiting Tu Le Commune, Northwest mountains and forests anticipated the eager eyes of the visitors are surprised by the beauty of young Thai girl with fair and smooth skin, soft black hair is sitting in a stilt house. The people, products and customs of Tu Le Commune will be something you can’t forget after the tour to Mu Cang Chai or the North of Vietnam. Hopefully, it is usefully for your planning to travel to the north of Vietnam, see you soon

By Custom Vietnam Travel | Updated 1/5/2019

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